Our Story

Wings of Eagles Aviation is the premier flight training facility in Middle Tennessee.  We have been providing professional flight training for over sixteen years and currently conduct flight training at two locations in the Middle Tennessee area. We are a Cessna Pilot Center and a certified Diamond aircraft training facility. Over the years we have expanded our expertise in aviation to areas of aircraft management, pilot services, and consultation services matching customers with the perfect aircraft to accomplish the mission.

Wings of Eagles Aviation offers a variety of services to benefit our customers. Although we pride ourselves at providing professional flight instruction, we also manage aircraft, ferry aircraft, provide pilot services, and provide purchasing consultation.

If you currently own an aircraft and want to enjoy the benefits and privileges that brings without the hassle of seeing to every need of the aircraft, we can help. Since our beginning Wings has managed all the aircraft associated with our flight department and because of that we have developed wonderful relationships with multiple maintenance and avionic facilities in the Middle Tennessee area.

Wings also has the unique ability to ferry almost any aircraft that our customers may need. We have several staff at our facilities with over five thousand hours, and because of that they have experience in many different models of airplanes.

If you or your business needs the efficiency of air travel to make appointments and close business deals but you’re not a pilot, we can help there as well. At our Smyrna location alone, we provide pilot services to customers and businesses in several different aircraft. This is also the place that our experience in consulting plays a huge role. We educate customers in the different options of aircraft that may benefit their lifestyles or business needs and then provide pilot services to assist the customer in getting to their destination.