Cirrus Training



If you are thinking about purchasing your own Cirrus, or just want to be able to fly a faster single engine airplane, then Cirrus Transition Training is for you. Wings of Eagles is able to provide training in your personal aircraft at one of our four training facilities, training you in one of our Cirrus aircraft at one of our facilities or we will send one of our qualified instructors with an aircraft right to you. We understand that sometimes life doesn’t give you time off and you need us to be available!

When it comes to learning the Cirrus aircraft there are a couple things you need to keep in mind.  First and foremost, you need a training facility that knows the aircraft and has experienced professional instructors.  Wings of Eagles is a certified Cirrus Training Centre with at least two platinum Cirrus instructors.  Combine that with our parent company, Corporate Flight Management, who is a certified Cirrus Service Center giving us extensive knowledge on the aircraft.  You will also want to check with your insurance company to determine how much or what type of training they require to cover you in the aircraft.  This is different with each agent so shop around and find what works best for you.  Even if you find an insurance company that doesn’t require the complete Cirrus Transition Training, it’s a pretty good idea to complete the initial transition training.

In the past, the transition training consisted of you going through the proper books and materials while learning about the aircraft in combination with ground school from a qualified instructor.  Cirrus has since moved all the training over to a very nice, user-friendly web based training course.  This will allow for more interaction through visual training aids and short videos.  For the VFR pilot the transition training typically consists of 3 days of training that focuses on familiarizing yourself with normal and emergency operations of the aircraft.  This includes ground school time spent with your instructor going over systems and aircraft procedures.  One topic that is discussed in depth is Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, or CAPS.  The aircraft is equipped with a parachute, so a good deal of time is spent to make sure you understand how and when the system should be used.

Advanced Transition

If you are an instrument rated pilot, with a good bit of experience then you would want to complete the Advanced Transition course.  This is typically a five day course that covers everything in the basic VFR Transitions training, plus, normal and emergency IFR procedures.  However, if this is your first experience in a Cirrus aircraft you may be better suited to complete the Basic Transition training, then gain valuable experience in the aircraft prior to completing the Advanced Transition training.

Avionics Differences



If you have been flying Cirrus aircraft with the Avidyne avionics and have upgraded to the Garmin Perspective suite, avionics differences training would be very helpful. This training can be done in one day and is designed to assist pilots in learning how to navigate through the differences in the two avionics suites.


Airframe/Powerplant Differences

Owners or frequent fliers of the Cirrus SR20 who are wanting to move up into the higher powered SR22 would first complete the Airframe / Powerplant Differences training. This course details the operational differences between the airframe and the powerplants in respect to the SR20 and SR22. This training also can be completed in one day.


Once you have successfully completed the Transition or Advanced Transition course, Cirrus has developed a recurrent course program designed to help the Cirrus pilot maintain a high level of competency and proficiency. The recurrent training is divided into two separate recurrent courses called schedule “A” and schedule “B.” Both of these courses are completed in one day, and the courses are alternated every six months.

Getting Started

Regardless of what training you need, the first step is to log onto learning.cirrusaircraft.com and register. Once registered you will be able to choose from the Cirrus Training Center’s available. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call, and we will be glad to assist.