Overview of the Program

Advance your training at WOE by using your previous military experience to pursue your dream of becoming a Commercial Pilot. Whether you were enlisted or not in an aviation Military Occupational Speciality (MOS) this is the path for you. If your career goals are to fly for a Major Airline such as American, Delta or United, or to fly for a Fortune 500 company, we have the quickest and most affordable pathway. WOE Aviation will provide career mentoring while capitalizing Local Grants, Scholarships and using the eligible Post 9/11 GI Bill® with little to NO COST out of pocket. The large size of our fleet and over 25 instructors ensures that you will be able to fly when you need to and not have to worry about aircraft or instructor availability. Let us assist in your transition to the civilian life, obtaining the required hours needed for your next career. Start focusing on flying and your next career potential while gaining professional flight instruction. We call it the Zero to Hero Program.

Gi Bill® is a registered trademark of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

Program Highlights

  • Can take you from Private Pilot – Commercial Multi Engine in 6 months or less
  • Housing available upon request
  • Time building at a reduced cost
  • Experience flying within complex airspaces

Minimum Program Requirements

We have listed the minimum requirements for each rating under the part 141 program. The length of the program depends on how often you fly and how quickly you can progress through each stage of your training.

  • Private – 35 hours total time
  • Instrument – 35 hours dual instruction
  • Commercial Single – 120 hours total time
  • Commercial Multi – 15 hours dual training with a CFI


  • Aviation Headset
  • Aviation Sectional Charts or Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) (i.e…iPAD,Tablet)
  • Navigational Plotter
  • Visualized Flight Maneuvers handbook (for High/Low wing airplanes)
  • iPAD / Tablet
  • E6B Calculator
  • Kneeboard

We sell ground school kits that include a flight bag, logbook, E6B and a year free subscription to Garmin Pilot.

Liberty University School of Aeronautics

Information on the Bachelor of Science in Aviation is available at Liberty.edu.

The following courses are offered within the Bachelor of Science in Aviation program;

  • Private Pilot Certificate – AVIA220 & 225 – Can be completed as a Free Elective or prior to enrollment
  • Instrument Rating – AVIA320
  • Commercial Pilot Certificate – AVIA325, 326 & 327
  • Commercial Single Engine Add-On Rating – AVIA331
  • Flight Instructor Certification – AVIA420
  • Flight Instructor Instrument Certification – AVIA422 (1 Credit) or AVIA423 (3 Credits)
  • Multi Engine Instructor Certification – AVIA441 (1 Credit) or AVIA443 (3 Credits)

Military and Veterans Benefits

Liberty University is proud to serve the men and women of the U.S. military and offers the following benefits:

  • College Credit for Military Training
  • GI Bill®/Veterans Affairs Benefits
  • Military Scholarships
  • Tuition Assistance For more information, visit www.Liberty.edu/MilitaryAffairs.
  • YELLOW RIBBON PROGRAM: Liberty University is a partner in the Yellow Ribbon program, which allows eligible students to continue their studies once their annual GI Bill® funding has been exceeded

Gi Bill® is a registered trademark of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

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    Wings of Eagles possesses excellent aircraft, facilities, and most importantly, instructors. Their fleet is impressive and comprehensive.

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