Alex Hoffman

Alex Hoffman


My Responsibilities
My responsibility is to provide you with an exciting and unique training experience that will enable you to fulfill your goal of becoming a pilot. Aviation is a great industry. We all want to give back to those who follow us, and I always look forward to doing just that.

My Bio
I was born and raised in Knoxville Tennessee, where I initially was exposed to different career paths in aviation. I decided to take a discovery flight and knew from that day forward, flying was the answer. I got my Private Pilot license when I was still back in Knoxville, and then moved to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace-Professional Piloting from MTSU. I obtained my CFI with Wings and am excited to continue my journey in aviation.

My Hobbies
Hockey, Guitar, Mountain biking, Hiking, Baseball, and Traveling

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Coming to Wings I found it to be the most friendly and professional flight school I had ever experienced. The environment Wings has to offer really builds a super tailored process that is fit to your individual goals and desires.

My Motto
Go live a little and fly!

My Message to You
Flight training is a very interesting process. There are many hills and valleys of progress and emotion. But remembering why you started and always having fun with it will drive you to stay disciplined and motivated to succeed. Don’t take this journey for granted and get too caught up in the future. You have to stop and look around every once in a while to realize just how far you’ve come; and never forget the fact that flying is a great privilege, so cherish it and all the views it has to offer.