Amanda Curless

Amanda Curless


My Responsibilities
To introduce students into the world of general aviation by imparting my aeronautical knowledge and flying skills to them so that they may develop their piloting abilities and succeed in their aviation related goals.

My Bio
I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a 30 year old ex teacher who changed my career and decided to follow my dreams. I trained at ATP Flight School out of Daytona Beach International in Florida from 0 time to 250 hours in less than a year. I received my CFI, CFII, MEI, and IGI. I love music and animals as well as spending lots of time outdoors, camping or hiking.

My Hobbies
Music—violin, ukulele, voice. Writing—published author “Lucy Chicken,” “Lucy Chicken the Onliest Chicken,” and various poetry published in journals. Camping/hiking/running. Painting

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I love the atmosphere and the people here at Wings. Everyone is kind and ambitious. The aircraft are well kept and I love the airspace! Great mountain views and not very crowded either.

My Motto
Nothing worth doing is ever easy.

My Message to You
One thing life has taught me is that you will have to work very hard to accomplish your goals especially if they are worth it. If you have a dream and you are willing to take the leap to go for it, you should realize that it will not be easy—but that is what makes it worth the journey. It will transform you as a person into the best version of yourself possible only if you take the first step. It only takes a few hundred feet of hard ground to get enough momentum to fly. I can help you get there!