Andrew Tenneriello

Andrew Tenneriello


My Responsibilities
As your flight instructor it is my responsibility, first and foremost, to make sure you learn in a safe environment. It is also my responsibility to make sure you have fun and find your passion for the field of aviation.

My Bio
I am originally from Flint MI, but I moved to Nashville 12 years ago. I have been a paramedic for almost 15 years, and I have been a flight paramedic for the last 5. A few years ago, I decided to make a career change and I got a degree in aerospace from MTSU. I would not have been able to do it without the support of my wife of 4 years and my 3-year-old son.

My Hobbies
I love traveling, cooking, and hanging out with friends.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
My favorite thing about Wings is definitely the people. We have an amazing group of flight instructors and office staff who truly care about make good and safe pilots.

My Motto
Avoiding failure is to avoid progress

My Message to You
Learning to fly airplanes can be challenging and frustrating at times, but I promise if you stick with it there is very little more fulfilling than watching the sun set from several thousand feet in the air.