Austin Christopher

Austin Christopher


My Responsibilities
My responsibilities as an instructor are to create a welcoming, fun environment for my students, ensure safety at all times, and do everything in my power to help my students succeed. I want my students to only have to worry about learning and enjoying the process of becoming a pilot.

My Bio
I’ve lived in a few different states, but moved to Tennessee when I was a few years old and have been here ever since. I spent the majority of my life in Morristown, Tennessee before moving to Knoxville for school, pursuing a career in supply chain management. After a few years of working in a corporate environment I realized that wasn’t for me, and I decide to change my career path to aviation, which is something I’ve been interested in since I was young. I started flying as a student at Wings in 2022 with the goal of becoming an airline pilot.

My Hobbies
I enjoy fishing, flying, volleyball, hiking and camping, watching movies, travelling to new places, and experiencing new things.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
The environment the staff has created is easily my favorite aspect of Wings. Everyone is welcoming, fun to talk to, and above all, willing to help whenever needed.

My Motto
“Success is not fatal; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

My Message to You
The path to becoming a pilot has its highs and lows just like anything else that isn’t inherently easy. If you find yourself struggling to grasp a concept, perform a maneuver, or understand something, don’t give up. Every single pilot has been in that position more than once, and if thousands of others have managed to get past that difficult point in their education, so can you!