Ben Harris

Ben Harris


My Responsibilities
You set your goals, and I help you achieve them in a safe, efficient, and personalized manner. I will actively listen to your thought process and observe your practical application of those thoughts in the air, then I will respond by providing the structure that you need to make efficient progress. As we practice physical safety protocols, I will also remind you that mental and emotional safety are always equally
important. As we work together, I will help you cultivate a mindset that demands all of these of yourself and those around you.

My Bio
The oldest of seven children, I was raised and homeschooled on a farm/ranch in the panhandle of Texas. Music and aviation were both prominent in my growing up years, as my father often took us on “field trips” in his Piper Comanche to hear the symphony orchestras of Amarillo, Dallas, or Denver. Due to a love of playing the piano, I ended up pursuing a career as a classical pianist and vocal coach. Highlights of this path have included studying and teaching in Europe, as well as performing at Carnegie Hall. I will always love music, but, after more than ten years of teaching at Vanderbilt, I am excited to have a second career in aviation. I had the pleasure of earning my instrument rating, commercial license, and multi-engine rating with my brother, Wings of Eagles instructor Caleb Harris, as my instructor.

My Hobbies
Classical music, German and French languages, getting to know new/different/interesting people, bicycling Nashville area greenways, table tennis with my 11-year-old daughter and 14-year-old son, reading random and varied books as recommended by friends, seeing the world with an open mind.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Commitment to safety and friendly customer-centric training process.

My Motto
How do you eat an elephant? One spoonful at a time. Learning new skills can seem daunting when viewed as a whole, but even the most complex processes become manageable when we simplify them into individual steps and elements.

My Message to You
I love people and I love learning. I am a teacher and a mentor, but my preferred title is “partner in learning.” Every member of the Wings of Eagles family plays two roles – mentor and mentee. As you look to me for guidance, I too lean on my fellow pilots and teachers for wisdom and experience. As you progress, you will quickly find yourself playing the role of mentor to your peers in different stages of training as well. When in balance, both roles are equally gratifying and critical to our collective and individual growth.