Bill Lardent

Bill Lardent

Chief Instructor: ATP-C500; SA227; BA3200; SF340; B757/767; CFII; MEI; AGI


My Responsibilities
Chief Instructor of Wings of Eagles flight school in Smyrna.

My Bio
Took my first flight lesson just before I went to sea on a submarine for 90 days. After one flight I was hooked, I’ve been flying now for 49 years accumulating over 15,000 hours. Owned my own airport, had a flying club with 18 planes and was an Air Traffic Controller at Seattle Center for 8 years. Flew at 5 different airlines, Air Midwest, American Eagle, Reno Air, AA and Corporate Express.

My Hobbies
Water skiing, flying, and playing with my grand-kids.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Wings has proven to be forward thinking and strives to be the best flight school in TN.

My Motto
TRIM, TRIM and right rudder!!!