Caleb Harris

Caleb Harris


My Responsibilities
As a certificated flight instructor, I have the opportunity to guide you and travel with you through the process of balancing the challenges and joys of flight training. Central to this journey is my responsibility to exhibit, demonstrate and emulate the safest and best practices as a pilot and instructor. While there are standards that all pilots are required to achieve in order to be licensed, no pilot is perfect. However, every pilot can learn something new every day. I am responsible to make every lesson and flight a safe, enjoyable and individually tailored learning experiencing.

My Bio
I was born in Waco, TX and grew up on a farm and ranch in the panhandle of TX near Amarillo. Since then I’ve lived in Oklahoma, New York, Colorado, Utah and Tennessee. I am currently a professor of music at Vanderbilt University (Go ‘Dores!) and the University of Alabama (Roll Tide!). As a classical pianist and conductor, I have enjoyed the opportunity to travel and perform extensively in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America. While my life has often revolved around long hours preparing and practicing for concerts and/or preparing students for a career as a performing musician, I always find myself being pulled to the airport to once again defy gravity and escape into the skies!

My Hobbies
Traveling with my wife and kids, Hiking, Flying (of course!) Horseback riding, Cooking.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I appreciate the comradery of fellow aviators who are engaged in learning and teaching in a flight school where safety is the highest priority.

My Motto
The most perfect technique is that which is not noticed at all.  –Pablo Casals

My Message to You
If you would like to learn to fly, brush off the rust, or pursue a new certificate or rating, please contact me. I’m a career educator who loves to see the light in your eyes as you make new discoveries. I will listen carefully to you, then we will devise a plan to help you achieve your next goal in aviation. At Wings of Eagles Aviation, we will ensure that your next adventure is safe, fun and affordable!