Cat Acree

Cat Acree


My Responsibilities
As your instructor, I am dedicated first and foremost to your safety, followed immediately by a commitment to creating a supportive learning environment. Joy is essential when learning a new skill, so we’ll honor all accomplishments, big and small, and we’ll approach each day as an opportunity to grow your confidence and skill as a pilot.

My Bio
I had a wonderful first career as an editor at a national book review magazine, but after nearly 13 years, I left the publishing industry to become a pilot. I completed all of my flight training at Wings of Eagles, and I am so proud to be one of their instructors.

My Hobbies
You’ll find me watching movies at the Belcourt with my partner, walking in the woods with my dog and my sister, and reading lots of books.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
When I chose my school, I wanted a well-maintained fleet of aircraft located at a
tower-controlled airport, and a staff of instructors known for their expertise, kindness, and professionalism. Wings is committed to their students’ success, and it shows.

My Motto
Work and hope. But do not hope more than you work. – Beryl Markham, first person to fly a nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic from Britain to North America

My Message to You
If it were easy, everyone would do it. If you love a challenge, are passionate about the material, think clouds are amazing, and can commit the resources, you absolutely can join the ranks of people who have slipped the surly bonds.