Matt Baer

Matt Baer



My Responsibilities

I serve Wings of Eagles as a flight instructor as well as the maintenance manager for our fleet of 18 aircraft. As a flight instructor my goal is to provide flight instruction in a safe and fun manner that is suitable to the student’s learning pace. I strive to be available to each student and answer any & all questions in order to make you successful. As the maintenance manager for our fleet, my goal is to ensure our airplanes are maintained in accordance with all FAA and manufacturers safety standards. Our aircraft are continually being inspected to ensure our customers are provided a safe and enjoyable experience with Wings of Eagles.

My Bio

I was born in Sacramento, CA and grew up in the small town of Davis nearby. I joined the Army after high school and served over 20 years active duty as a mechanic and crew chief on both helicopters and airplanes. After I retired from the military, I moved to Murfreesboro with my wife of 21 years and our two children.

My Hobbies

Flying, golf, fly fishing, and brewing beer.

My Favorite Thing About Wings

The vast array of aviation knowledge and experience from everyone associated with Wings of Eagles.

My Motto

“Good teaching must be slow enough so that it is not confusing & fast enough so that it is not boring”- Sidney J. Harris

My Message to You

Whether you are just seeking your Private Pilot certificate, or your goal is fly for the airlines, Wings of Eagles has the experience and knowledge to get you there.