CFII Josh Jones

CFII Josh Jones


My Responsibilities
As a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI), my responsibility is to place the students goals and flight training at the highest level.  My flight training will tailor around the type of flying you plan on doing. From a weekend warrior, to preparing you to be a Commercial Pilot, I will ensure you can accomplish that as safely and efficiently as possible here at Wings of Eagles Aviation.

My Bio
I grew up and attended K-12 in a rural setting in Kansas.  I graduated from high school and first learned that I wanted to travel around and needed to find a career that would allow that.  I ended up moving around quite often until settling at a University in Denver, Colorado.  Graduated College with a Bachelor of Science in Aviation Technology & Aerospace Science.  Moved around a little bit more and decided to join the military to fly helicopters.  Graduated from the military flight school and got stationed at Fort Campbell, KY while my wife continued her career in Commercial Aviation in Nashville, TN.  Have two-growing children and really enjoy the teaching aspect of flight instruction.  We all are happy to call Middle Tennessee our forever home

My Hobbies
Woodworking, Water Skiing, & Hiking

My Favorite Thing About Wings
The quality of aircraft I train in.  There are many flight schools to choose from, but Wings of Eagles Aviation has by far the best Certified Flight Instructors (CFI’s) as well as aircraft to fly with.  The combination of these two make it a no brainer to continue to fly with us at Wings of Eagles Aviation

My Motto
If you are going to be a pilot, train hard & do it well.

My Message to You
Please come and enjoy the liberty to fly in the beautiful Middle Tennessee area.  You will find that the learning environment at Wings of Eagles Aviation is second to none, and will leave you wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.  My extensive experience from Civilian to Military aviation, you will find yourself getting challenged to be consistent and continue to pursue your desire to fly.