Cody Ward

Cody Ward


My Responsibilities
As your flight instructor my priority is to conduct a safe, efficient, and fun experience for you as you progress in your training. Whether you are looking for a new hobby or training for a career in the aviation field, I want to help you get there!

My Bio
I was born in North Carolina just outside of Asheville, but from age five I have lived in the Middle Tennessee area. At the young age of 15, I took a discovery flight and was hooked instantly. I solo’d my first airplane at 16 and was a private pilot at 17. However, my goals transitioned to a career in law enforcement, which I have been doing for five years now. Aviation has always been my passion though, and I look forward to transitioning to a career in the aviation field in the future.

My Hobbies
Besides being in the airplane, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters, and traveling.

What I like most about Wings
The professional atmosphere, and the safe and superior fleet of airplanes.

My Motto
Never stop becoming more!

My Message to You
The present time is the best time to jump into the world of aviation. Again, whether for a hobby or a career, you will not regret jumping in. Although learning to fly is challenging, I will help you achieve your goals with your best interests in mind! Let’s go flying!