Connor Novak

Connor Novak

My Responsibilities

My number one responsibility is to keep you safe. As a flight instructor I’m the one responsible for the ultimate safety of the flight making sure that at no point are you in any danger. I also have a professional responsibility to stay as knowledgeable about the aviation world as possible, I want to be able to answer every question you have too make sure you are as comfortable as possible with myself and the airplane before we go up to fly.

My Bio

My name is Connor Novak, I moved to Nashville about eight years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. I preceded to get my private pilots license at Wings my senior year and loved it so much that I decided this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I attended Auburn University’s aviation program where I earned my instrument rating and commercial multi-engine rating. I then got my flight instructor rating at a flight school in North Carolina and decided that coming back to Wings of Eagles to teach is the right place for me. I’m the first pilot in my family and have loved every second of my aviation career so far!

My Hobbies

I enjoy basically every sport out there whether it be watching or playing. You can usually find me playing basketball about 3 times a week at the gym. I enjoy riding motorcycles. When the weather is nice there’s nothing more enjoyable than riding a motorcycle (Other than flying of course). I’m a big movie geek whether it be classics or new releases I’m always down to relax on the couch for a good movie. The best hobby of all is of course flying, lucky for me though that’s my job!

My Favorite Thing About Wings

Ever since I began training at Wings about 5 years ago my favorite thing about the organization is how honest and pilot oriented they are. I’ve trained at four flight schools now throughout my training career and I can say that Wings treats their pilots better than anyone else. A lot of other schools value money over their customers by dragging out training and being ambiguous about the schedule. All I’ve experienced at Wings though is a love for flying and instructing.

My Motto

My motto as a pilot and as an instructor is to not just learn, but to have fun as well in the safest way possible.

My Message to You

Building off my motto, learning how to fly is not a walk in the park it takes many hours of studying and practice to become a good pilot, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fun as well! Not many people get to do what we’re doing so we should enjoy ourselves while making sure we learn how to be the safest pilot we can be.