Daniel Mcknight

Daniel Mcknight

Certified Instructor

My Responsibilities
As a Flight Instructor, I will provide the best instruction and techniques available to help you become a smart and safe pilot. I will help you develop an understanding of the industry and learn the latest developments in aviation.

My Bio
At the age of eight I took a plane trip with my Dad. I decided that day I wanted to be a pilot. I went to Middle Tennessee State University and graduated from the Aerospace program in 2014. Shortly thereafter I began flight instructing and became an instrument instructor in 2016. I enjoy sharing the knowledge I have acquired through flight instructing.

My Hobbies
I enjoy flying, camping, science, history, video games, and movies.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I like the professional and relaxed atmosphere; it creates a stress free environment for learning.

My Motto
“Through perseverance, study, and eternal desire, any man can become great” -General George S. Patton-

My Message to You
Becoming a Pilot is a challenge, but it is a rewarding career. I would love to help you begin your career in aviation!