Doug Campbell

Doug Campbell


My Responsibilities
Safety will always be our top priority, while creating a positive learning environment. I enjoy bringing new pilots into the aviation community, and teaching them to fly safely in visual and instrument conditions. Flying together, we’ll advance your flight skills to achieve your aviation goals.

My Bio
I was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Knoxville. I attended college at the Univ. of Memphis, and started flying after I graduated and was commissioned in the Navy, in 2006. I went through flight school in Florida and Texas, ultimately flying the P-3C Orion in Hawaii. After the Navy, I worked in the unmanned sector, flying drones for the Army overseas. I returned to flying and earned my CFI and CFI-I at Wings of Eagles. I enjoy teaching, instructing, and getting more people in the cockpit and started on their own aviation journey.

My Hobbies
Time with family, music, working on old cars/trucks.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Excellent community of pilots, instructors, and advanced aircraft. Aircraft systems and avionics are advanced and well-maintained. Great availability and ease of scheduling.

My Motto
Work hard.

My Message to You
Come in and learn to fly with our instructors that have an array of military and civil flight experience. We’ll train, study, and show how concepts relate to the big picture of flying – from simple to complex. If you’ve thought about getting your pilot’s license or taking your skills to the next level, come get hands-on with our aircraft and let’s get you airborne.