Ed Diaz

Ed Diaz

Certified Instructor

My Responsibilities
I am currently a part time CFI due to my full timing engineering job at Nissan. I will start teaching full time after I retire from Nissan in 2019.  I have been teaching flying for over 20 years.As a part-time flight instructor teaching I love to fly and want to pass on the joys of aviation.

My Bio
I learned to fly in the Marine Corps back in 1976 NAS Naval flight school. Once I left the Marines I started working for Pontiac GM at Pontiac Michigan. I was also the maintenance management officer at Selfridge airbase. After ten years with Pontiac I later started working for Nissan for 20 years. Retired from Nissan and started flying for Air Flamenco in San Juan PR. Spent 3 years flying commercially all over the Caribbean. Nissan asked me to come back to work at the Process Engineering department.

My Hobbies
I really don’t have a hobby but I truly enjoy working on my property with the tractor and or the backhoe clearing trees. I enjoy cooking with the added bonus of eating.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Having wings will help in the operation of the airplane.

My Motto
Flying is the second greatest thrill in my life…. Landing is the first!

My Message to You
Wings of Eagles has allowed me to do what I enjoy the most in life and that is teaching and sharing the joy of flying with others. There is nothing currently that warms my heart more than to see a student solo for the first time, it is just as rewarding today as it was over 20 years ago. Thank you Wings of Eagles!