Garrett Church

Garrett Church

Certified Flight Instructor

My Responsibilities
As an instructor, I will provide my students with a passion for aviation and the highest level of professionalism and safety. I will do my best to ensure my students are at their best.

My Bio
I love aviation, I have been flying since I was in High School, and have consistently pursued my passion, ever since. I grew up in Johnson City, Tennessee, and plan to continue flying into corporate aviation.

My Hobbies
Camping, hunting, fishing, and my diesel truck.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
The family atmosphere, as well as the excellent aircraft.

My Motto
You will never do well, if you stop doing better.

My Message to You
I want you to come away with more than just a certificate or rating, but a passion for the sky. In this field, the worst day of flying should be much better than a day of doing anything else.