Ian Rodriguez

Ian Rodriguez


My Responsibilities
As a flight instructor with Wings of Eagles, I am responsible for demonstrating subject matter expertise, ensuring a positive and progressive learning experience, while maintaining a safe environment for our students. My teaching methods are specifically tailored to each student whether that necessitates a fast pace program or a more structured approach. Being flexible in my schedule, open with communication, and a motivational coach for my students help bring the best experience they can possibly have. I have a huge passion for aviation and an even bigger passion for helping people succeed. When you succeed, I succeed! After two years of instructing and 1500 hours later, I am more than confident I can not only help you get your certificate but also become the best pilot you can be.

My Bio
I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but moved from state to state in a military household. I acquired my certificates and ratings via the Part 61 route while attending Belmont University for a B.S. in Audio Engineering. Technology. I am a gold seal flight instructor having served for two years, worked with over a hundred students, and helped over forty accomplish certificates and ratings from private all the way to CFII.

My Hobbies
Playing guitar, photography/videography, flying, and sports

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I love that Wings of Eagles has a staff of expert and experienced people dedicated to passing their knowledge and assistance to others so that their career goals are reached. They are always here to help one another.

My Motto
“The way I see it, you can either work for a living or you can fly airplanes. Me, I’d rather fly.” – Len Morgan

My Message to You
If you give this process the time and dedication it requires, you will become a pilot, your life will change, and the possibilities become endless. Just don’t give up, stay patient, and Wings of Eagles will get you to the finish line.