John Moore

John Moore


My Responsibilities
As a flight instructor, my goal is to provide a safe and positive learning environment that’s tailored to the personality and needs of each student. I strive to make each flight a new and exciting experience that emphasizes what students are working towards, whether it be a light sport rating for weekend adventures or a commercial certificate with aspirations of flying for the airlines.

My Bio
I’ve lived in Nashville my entire life and caught the aviation bug through flight simulators, like many others. I started flight training with Wings in 2017 with the goal of only flying as a hobby but, after working towards my instrument rating, I discovered aviation was the only career I wanted to pursue. I’m currently majoring in flight dispatch at MTSU with a minor in computer science, and my end goal is to fly C-17s in the Air National Guard.

My Hobbies
Watching movies, coding, testing software, and mountain biking.

What I like most about Wings
The modern, well-maintained fleet of airplanes as well as the cadre of experienced and passionate instructors.

My Motto
If brute force doesn’t work, you aren’t using enough.

My Message to You
Everyone progresses at their own pace, and there’s no such thing as a dumb question or answer when you’re learning. While learning to fly can be difficult at times, it’s one of the most rewarding journeys you’ll ever undertake and it all becomes worth it when you hear, “Congratulations, you’re officially a certificated pilot”.