Kristen Theiss

Kristen Theiss


My Responsibilities
My responsibilities as a flight instructor includes; ensuring safety of flight, creating an environment that stimulates growth and learning, assisting in the enhancement of knowledge, and of course having fun while doing so.  I believe that every lesson I am teaching should be suited to that individual student to ensure that they are receiving the training they need to be a safe and successful pilot.

My Bio
I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, and I began piloting at age 17. My parents are actually terrified of airplanes and refuse to step foot in an airplane. My cousin and I began flight training I finished my Private Pilot License in Missouri. Then attended American Flyers in Houston and finished my Instrument Rating, then attended Texas Flight and finished my Commercial SEL, and finished the rest of my training at Midwest Corporate Air (Commercial AMEL, CFI,CFII,MEI and IGI). Then, I came to live in Tennessee and eventually I got an amazing job.

.My Hobbies
I am an artist, yoga enthusiast, and I love to travel.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I enjoy working at Wings of Eagles because it creates a sense of community. I have not once felt afraid to ask for advice or help from another instructor. Also, this company is one of the most organized flight schools I have encountered.

My Motto
Prior planning prevents poor performance.

My Message to You
Throughout my entire career as a pilot I have been challenged and I did not receive the greatest support for my career considering my parents great dislike for flying. As a flight instructor my goal is to make sure that my students feel comfortable asking questions about anything whether its flight related or future career related I always like to lend a helping hand. In other words you will receive adequate support from me as an instructor.