Kyle Willoughby

Kyle Willoughby

Operations Manager: CFI; CFII; MEI; CTI

[email protected]

My Responsibilities
As operations manager my primary responsibility to help all of our instructors be as successful as they can be. I assist in managing the fleet and ensuring that the airplanes stay in airworthy condition. I also assist our customers that are interested in purchasing a private aircraft by matching them with the best make and model aircraft to fit their mission. As a flight instructor it is my job to ensure you are a competent pilot and tailor my teaching technique to each individual I work with. Hopefully I make learning to fly fun, because let’s face it, that’s why we are here!

My Bio
I was born in Jackson Tennessee and raised in a small town called Clifton. I grew up in the country riding atv’s and water skiing on the Tennessee river. I married my high school sweetheart and we have three wonderful children. I have a college degree in golf course management and worked at The Hermitage golf course for almost six years before I started flying full time. I have been intrigued with aviation since a small boy when my father took me for a helicopter ride in a bell 47 at a festival in our hometown many years ago.

My Hobbies
University of Tennessee athletics, (huge vols fan) Flying, Golf, Church

My Favorite Thing About Wings
My favorite thing about Wings of Eagles is the people that work here. We have the best staff ever! The instructors are passionate about aviation and have a desire to share that with every customer they interact with.

My Motto
James 1:19; Philippians 4:13 I’ll let you look them up!

My Message to You
I started my flying career at Wings of Eagles in February 2009, and I finished my flight instructor certificate with Wings in December 2011. There are many quality flight schools for you to choose from, but if you want to learn from the most experienced instructors around, fly in the best fleet, and train in the best environment then give Wings of Eagles a call and set an appointment to come visit our facility and meet our people.