Kyle Willoughby

Kyle Willoughby

Operations Manager: CFI; CFII; MEI; CTI


My Responsibilities
Doing whatever I can to set our staff and customers up for success and helping provide a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

My Bio
I graduated Western Kentucky University with a degree in agriculture with an emphasis in golf course management. I worked at a 36 hole course in the Nashville area for six years before leaving to pursue flying full time. My wife and I are from the same small town and we have three children together.

My Hobbies
Golf, and our kids sporting activities.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Favorite thing about wings – The PEOPLE. Greatest group of people to share the passion for flying. Newest and largest fleet around and the ability to train out of a towered airport. After you complete your training here you can feel confident you can handle any environment.

My Motto
James 1:19. I’ll let you look it up.

My Message to You
I am from a very small town in middle Tennessee. I love that small town but becoming a professional pilot was never a real possibility for me until I moved to this area. If you have ever had any interest in aviation and flying please understand that anyone can do this! It’s an amazing life that will take you to places you have only dreamed! I was out of college with a good job and thought I was set in my career before I ever took my first lesson. Do not sit back and postpone thinking you can’t make this happen. Give us a call and we will be glad to sit down and talk you through the process and explain how you can become a pilot.