Landen Patterson

Landen Patterson


My Responsibilities
As a Flight Instructor it’s my responsibility to provide my students with every resource I can for success. I’ve been fortunate to have great instructors during my training who have personally cared about my progress and not just putting time in a logbook. As a Certified Flight Instructor, I’m always looking to return that favor to my students, while also providing a safe and encouraging environment for learning.

My Bio
I’m a Middle Tennessee Native that started my aviation journey shortly after graduating high school in 2016. My first time in an aircraft was during a discovery flight with Wings of Eagles. I was nervous at first, but once the wheels left the runway I was hooked!! I obtained my Private Pilot Certificate with Wings of Eagles, while also pursuing a Professional Pilot Degree from MTSU.

My Hobbies
Hiking, Kayaking, and Long Walks on the Tarmac.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Incredibly supportive and friendly staff with well maintained aircraft.

My Motto
“The will to win is not nearly as important as the will to prepare to win.”

My Message to You
Flight training is both incredibly rewarding and challenging at times! Everyone has struggled at one point or another, but the Aviation Community is comprised of the friendliest and most helpful people around! Always feel free to reach out to your instructor or other members of the staff! We’re here to make the process as enjoyable and as straightforward as we can!