Louis Zamudio

Louis Zamudio


My Responsibilities
My responsibility is to make sure that above all, you are safe. The second is that you have a great experience and truly have fun and enjoy flying.

My Bio
I was born in Kansas City. MO. I have called Texas home since 2000. I am a father of two. I retired from the U.S. Air Force after 30 years. I have been flying since 2000 and was an Air Traffic Controller for 4 years.

My Hobbies
Flying, car racing, riding bicycles

My Favorite Thing About Wings
I enjoy the fellow instructors I work with. It’s a place you can come hang out all day and feel welcome.

My Motto
To teach you the right way the first time.

My Message to You
I will make sure that you will attain your goal and make your experience the best possible. If I cannot answer your question, I will make sure to find the answer. Above all, it’s a partnership and I want you to be happy with me and my instruction.