Michael Reyes

Michael Reyes


My Responsibilities

As a flight instructor, it is my responsibility to provide exceptional and safe instruction to all my students. Learning to fly is incredibly fun and exciting and it’s my job to make sure it stays fun and safe for my students!

My Bio
I grew up in Franklin TN and in 2018 I graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from UTM. Though I love engineering, I realized my true calling when I began flying in 2019. I now live in Columbia TN with my wife and two dogs and spend my free time hiking, with family, and working on my project land cruiser. My ultimate goal is to eventually become a DPE because general aviation is wear my true passion lies.

My Hobbies
Working on my Land Cruiser, backpacking / hiking and skiing with my wife and friends.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
By far the best fleet of aircraft I have ever flown and an incredible safety culture.

My Motto
“Nothing in the world is worth having or doing unless it means effort.” – Theodor Roosevelt

My Message to You
As a pilot who has gone from zero to CFI while working full time and I know the challenges of a complicated work and flight schedule. I am here to aid and guide my students to the absolute best of my abilities with safety first and foremost. Come fly with us here at wings and you won’t be disappointed. Work hard, fly often, and of course have fun!