Mitch Pederson

Mitch Pederson

My Responsibilities
I am a Flight Instructor here at Wings of Eagles.

My Bio
I am a native of Washington state and moved to Middle Tennessee in spring of 2021. After spending a decade running global corporate events and trade shows, I decided to pursue my dream of being a professional pilot and moved to Arizona to start flight training. After completing my private pilot license and instrument rating in AZ, I moved to Tennessee and completed my commercial rating, CFI and CFII.

My Hobbies
When Iā€™m not flying, I enjoy tinkering on cars & motorcycles, camping and being outdoors.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Wings of Eagles is one big family, and all our instructors and staff are happy to help each other and our students out wherever we can.

My Motto
Learning never stops, the more you know the more you realize you don’t know.

My Message to You
Learning to fly is as much about the book work as it is the air work. If flying is your dream, put the time in on the ground between flight lessons as well.