Moncef Ifrine

Moncef Ifrine


My Responsibilities
As a flight instructor, my main responsibilities are to ensure the safety of everyone in the aircraft and on the ground while creating a good learning environment. My main goal is to watch students succeed while continuing to enjoy all aspects of aviation throughout the process. Whether you are doing it to just get your private license or continue to work towards a career the goal is to be safe and enjoy every step of the process.

My Bio
I am originally from Morocco I moved to America when I was just a year old. When moving to America we moved around a lot for the first three years then settled in Nashville, Tennessee. My interest in aviation began when I was around 4-5 years old. We traveled back home, and the pilot allowed me to sit in the cockpit and that is where it all began. I am currently a student at MTSU where I completed all of my flight training and graduate August of 2023.

My Hobbies
Cars, motorcycle, fishing, traveling, and hiking.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
My favorite thing about wings has to be the environment the crew has created. It is extremely welcoming, and everyone is like family. Also, the well-maintained clean fleet of aircraft available for training.

My Motto
“The sky is not the limit.”

My Message to You
No matter what phase of flight training you are at there is always someone who can help you continuously succeed. There is always more to learn as long as you are willing to continue to learn and enjoy the process that comes with it. Flying is one of the most satisfying and rewarding feelings there is, so stop by and check us out.