Scott Swope

Scott Swope


My Responsibilities
As a flight instructor, my primary responsibility is to ensure the safety, proficiency, and success of our pilots. I will do this through evaluating performance, providing constructive feedback, and tailoring instruction to meet their individual needs and learning styles. My overall goal is to guide each student towards becoming a competent, confident, and safe pilot.

My Bio
Born and raised in Hendersonville, Tennessee, my journey to become a pilot began in 2016 when I started flight training at the Gallatin airport. My passion for aviation inspired me to join the United States Air Force the following year. During my time in the service, I flew on C-130s and gained first-hand experience in stressful in-flight operations and the importance of maintaining a calm and focused headspace while in flight. I pursued my academic studies at Liberty University, where I further solidified my aviation knowledge while simultaneously completing my flight training at Wings of Eagles, and now I am dedicated to sharing my expertise and passion as a flight instructor.

My Hobbies
I enjoy hobbies that keep me active like playing disc golf, lifting weights, and snowboarding.

My Favorite Thing About Wings
Since the start of my flight training at Wings, I immediately felt the support of the staff and how they created a positive, motivating environment. Their dedication to maintaining high standards in all aspects of training inspires both instructors and students to strive for their best.

My Motto
“Every takeoff is optional. Every landing is mandatory.”