Wings of Eagles Aviation is proud to take part in yet another successful Rotor to Wings transition story! Victor Soler was able to obtain Private through Multi-Engine in only 66 days to transition from H-60 Blackhawk pilot to a career working for Trans States Airlines. If you or someone you know is interested in making the transition please give us a call at 615-355-0033 and a staff member will be happy to answer your questions!

Read Victor’s own words from our Facebook page below.

Wings of Eagles Aviation – Smyrna, TN – MQY

“My Army to Airlines CSP Individual Internship with Wings of Eagles…

Wings of Eagles has been the perfect location to complete my requirements for transition from Commercial Rotor pilot to Commercial Fixed Wing pilot. The flexibility of the school and staff and the customization of my training from the CFI’s is what has enabled me to get my private, instrument, and commercial ASEL/AMEL 66 days time. During these 66 days, I was able to complete over 200 PIC hours.

Time building at Wings of Eagles is truly what sets them apart from other schools. With a large fleet of aircraft at 3 locations there is no delay in scheduling aircraft. They have no limitations on the distance your allowed to fly, I was able to go from Tennessee to Colorado.

There are plenty of students and instructors available to keep time building at 1/2 the cost. Best of all, the availability of airplanes coupled with a minimum 4 hours per day on aircraft to take them cross country has made my time building seamless. On two separate occasions taking aircraft from Tennessee to Colorado.

Bill and Kyle have streamlined the Individual Internship Paperwork (CSP) required from the Army through developing a relationship with the CSP Coordinator at Ft Campbell, KY. Because of this relationship I was able to complete this program while PTDY from Ft. Belvoir, VA prior to my terminal leave. Wings have also made living arrangements for students who come from different locations, such as myself to make your transition from Rotor to Airlines as smooth as possible.

If you are looking for a flight school to help your transition from Army Rotor Pilot to Airlines, I highly recommend giving Wings of Eagles a call to see how they can help you.”