Sport Pilot Certificate

For the sport pilot certificate the student must log at least 20 hours of flight time, including at least 15 hours of flight training from an authorized instructor in a single-engine airplane and at least 5 hours of solo flight training in the areas of operation listed in 61.311

  • 2 hours of cross-country flight training.
  • 10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop (with each landing involving a flight in the traffic pattern) at an airport.
  • One solo cross-country flight of at least 75 nautical miles total distance, with a full-stop landing minimum of two points and one segment of the flight consisting of a straight-line distance of at least 25 nautical miles between the takeoff and landing locations.
  • 2 hours of flight training with an authorized instructor in preparation for the practical test within the preceding 2 calendar months from the month of the test.

Currently our only aircraft available for this certificate rating is our Cessna 162 N60779.


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